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  • Here quantity dosent matter but quality matters because focus is given on concept building so that our base becomes strong. If you study somewhere else than although syllabus will be complete but your base may not clear. Specially for students who didn’t take Economics or Maths in 11th -12th standard, their phobia that how will they clear exam is removed. In economics Nidhi mam will make all concepts clear to all.Test batch was very nice. Classes covered all the concepts and questions which were there in CPT exam. Teachers tell each and every thing regarding any particular concept which can come in exam. At the time of attempting exam it is useless that what have you done in 2 months but its more important that what have you studied by paying himaniattention. Out of 200 questions I attempted near so many question on the basis of what Sir told in the class and which was not there in any books. Accounts faculty was very good. Law was also very helpful still I am having help of CPT classes. Everyone listens but very few pay attention, so you must pay attention to each and every thing and take benefit out of that.


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